Who is the Graphic Fox?
We've been around awhile.

Over forty five years ago, Lamar Johnson opened a print shop on Walnut Street in Chico. He was an attentive and clever fellow, and people called him THE Graphic Fox. The business thrived, just like Chico did. And over four decades later, we still honor his attention to detail, pride in achievement, and love of the printing profession.

Our Goal

We do our best to make a good impression each and every time we do business with you. Our customers have come to rely on our expertise in graphic design and printing, our affordable rates, prompt and friendly service and attention to all the details.

We are local people. It’s important to us that we do a good job at our job. We’ve been in Chico for a long time and we’ll see you out and about in the park, the plaza, or at a local event. At times like that, we want to see a smile on your face because we provided you with a product that you wanted and needed, done right, and delivered on time. Is this old-style customer service? Yes. That’s what we do; because you can get printed stuff from a lot of places. But the kind of dedicated service we provide comes from professionals who are proud of their craft. That is who we are… that is Graphic Fox.


Chico Chamber of Commerce: www.chicochamber.com
Rotary Club of Chico: www.chicorotary.com

Trade Organizations:
Printing Industries of America: www.printing.org
Pacific Printing Industries: The Visual Communications Industries Association | www.ppiassociation.org